Cantilevered Stairs and Floating Staircases

Floating Stair
At Stair Solutions we specialise in supplying and fitting Cantilevered Stairs and floating staircases throughout the UK and Europe.

Cantilevered stairs are a new design and rely on a solid wall at least 75mm thick for support. With a metal stringer mounted behind the wall giving the appearance of the stair floating out of the wall ,wooden cantilever stairs add a stunning grand design to your property the glass tread design allowing light to flow through and brighten any room, These stairs can be either open or closed rise and are available in a range of woods pine beach , walnut ,oak or we can simply colour the wood to your sample, Acrylic treads, marble or glass .

Various balustrades are also available, but the latest fashion is to have a glass panel fitted to the outer edge of the treads to give support to the stairs.

Depending on the space available cantilever stairs can come in a range of designs that can fit your individual requirements and budget.

Our popular cantilevered designs include:

  • Illustrious – This comes complete with glass treads and a range of different balustrades
  • Grand – The Grand is available in a range of wood finishes
  • Opulent – Made of toughened glass this is one of our most popular cantilevered staircases
  • Prolific – The treads come in a gulled wing design is formed in steel and coated in a patterned resin
  • Vibrant – The Vibrant is available in a range of natural wood finishes